Media Elites Snub Clinton’s 60th Birthday Party

This one is way too funny. Britain’s the Daily Mail reported on Saturday that the Clintons are having a hard time selling tickets to Bill’s upcoming 60th birthday party, so much so that they have now twice reduced the price. In fact, compared to what they were originally charging, in particular to Hollywood elites, prices have been drastically slashed, and are now being offered to the public (hat tip to Drudge):

When America's liberal elite were offered the chance to pay up to $500,000 each (about £260,000) to attend Bill Clinton's 60th birthday extravaganza tonight - with the added promise of a private Rolling Stones concert - a packed house was expected.

Wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea sent out about 10,000 invitations to Hollywood tycoons, movie stars, captains of industry and Wall Street - with all proceeds to go to the former President's charitable foundation.

Sadly for the Clintons, there weren’t a lot of takers:

The minimum price, with inferior concert seats and no brunch, was set at $60,000 (£31,000). But with many rich Democrats sending their regrets, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that last Wednesday the Clintons drastically slashed prices to $12,500 (£6,500) for one reception and the concert, or $5,000 (£2,600) for just the Stones.

It seems the new price didn’t attract many buyers either: “With the looming possibility of Bill and his long-suffering wife and daughter finding themselves amid a sea of empty chairs at the 2,900-seat Manhattan venue, tickets then went on sale to the public for as little as $1,710 (£900).“

The news is even worse, as the headliner may not be able to perform: “And there is a danger that the Clintons' plans may end in a total fiasco, after the Stones cancelled Friday's show in Atlantic City when Mick Jagger complained of a sore throat and was ordered to rest by a doctor.”

This sets up quite an embarrassment for the birthday boy:

A friend of the Clintons said last night: "It is all highly embarrassing for Bill and Hillary. When they created the idea, they thought it would go like wildfire. What's not going to please some who did come up with $500,000 is finding regular Stones fans there who got last-minute tickets on the internet."

In the end, it’s possible this will turn out like that E-Trade commercial where promoters are walking through the streets of Manhattan grabbing bums, drunks, and homeless people to fill the empty seats. Actually, that wouldn't be much different than what normally happens in such areas on Election Day.

Happy birthday, Mr. President! </sexy Marilyn Monroe voice> 

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