NBC's Andrea Mitchell and CBS's Gloria Borger: World Views U.S. As 'Arrogant Bullies'

On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show NBC's Andrea Mitchell and CBS's Gloria Borger sounded like Blame America Firsters when explaining what the American public wants in a candidate for '08. Mitchell worried that world views the U.S. as "bullies" and "arrogant." Borger punctuated Mitchell's theory saying the American voter is "done with the arrogance of American foreign policy." The following exchange occurred on the October 15th edition of The Chris Matthews Show:

Andrea Mitchell: "That and I think what might most, could be the most profound problem beyond our men and women overseas in harm's way is how much hated the United States is for a variety of reasons. Fairly or not fairly. There is a perception abroad and it's in Europe and it's in the Islamic world and it's in Asia is that we are bullies, is that we're arrogant. It goes back to decisions that were made or perceptions of decisions, the wars. And whether it's fair or not somebody's gotta fix that and that cannot be fixed with Radio Free Europe or its descendants. It is a big, big problem."

Gloria Borger: "That's, that's why the American voters are gonna go back to what David [Brooks] is saying. The American voters are going to say, 'Next time around we want somebody who can work in a bipartisan way, who can work in a reasonable way, who can work abroad in a reasonable way. We're done with the arrogance of American foreign policy. We want to see people work together. We want to see us work with our allies and we're just not the bosses all the time.' And I think that Americans are looking for that."

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