Brian Williams Excited Over 'Queen' Rose Kennedy's Closet Cleaning

File this story under media hero worship. The liberal media establishment just cannot get enough of the Kennedy clan and the whole Camelot myth that surrounds them, viewing them as America's unofficial royal family. It seems every time a member of that family so much as has a closet cleaning the media makes a huge deal of the ensuing exhibits or auctions. Such was the case on last night's NBC Nightly News report on the Kennedy Presidential Library unveiling Rose Kennedy's old personal items. Okay, sure, JFK's golf clubs were the inspiration for a classic Seinfeld episode but does it really need a story on a major network's nightly newscast? NBC's Brian Williams described Rose Kennedy in positively regal terms opening his October 5th story:

Brian Williams: "If you believe the Kennedy family of Massachusetts is the closest thing this country will ever come to having a royal family then Rose Kennedy was the queen. She certainly was the matriarch. The mother of the 35th president of the United States died 11 years ago at the age of 104 and it turns out she didn't throw anything away. The Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston is happy for that and for the 252 boxes of Kennedy family history that are just now coming to light."

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