Globe Cartoonist Rediscovers Diversity - To Portray Black As Victim

In a recent comment on an editorial cartoon in the Boston Globe showing an all-white group of execs gloating over increasing profits as a bedraggled worker hangs by his hands, I noted that the Globe's commitment to "diversity disappears when portraying corporate meanies."

Great news -  just two days later, the Globe has rediscovered diversity!  Oh, to be sure, the two corporate meanies in Dan Wasserman's cartoon are both white males.  One even sports a suspiciously Nixonian five-o'clock shadow.  But an African-American does turn up  - as the victim.

The cartoon accompanies a Globe editorial condemning the tobacco industry on the heels of a study "showing that tobacco companies increased levels of nicotine in most cigarette brands by an average of 10 percent between 1998 and 2004."  The Globe alleges this was a corporate plot to keep smokers hooked.

You can see where this is leading.  The Globe concludes its editorial by proposing that "Congress should put Americans' lives before this powerful lobby and order the FDA to regulate tobacco."

But back to the cartoon - even art isn't exempt from the PC-politics of the MSM.

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