Heck of a Bush-Bashing Job, Brownie! Lauer Leads Chorus of Complaint

Is it news to anyone that Michael Brown thinks he got a bum rap on Katrina? As shopworn as was his concatenation of complaint this morning, Matt Lauer treated it with the enthusiasm of a Live at Five reporter on the scene of a fresh accident out on county route 11.

You knew this was coming: Lauer got things off to a Bush-bashing start with the famous "you're doing a heck of a job, Brownie" clip of the president congratulating Brown for his work at the beginning of the relief effort.

Matt moved things along with a series of 'helpful' questions/comments:

Lauer: "You warned the president and no help arrived?"

Brown says he did.

Lauer: "The stupid talking points [defending the relief efforts] should be thrown out the window when people are dying."

Brown agrees.

Lauer: "Do you think that you have been handed all of the blame for this situation? Should the president share the blame?"


[Lauer did also ask whether Nagin and Blanco should share the blame.]

Lauer: "You think the president let the people down in handling this?"

Brown: "The thing that bothered me the most is he flew over New Orleans. If he landed and stood there and said I want everybody to give Michael Brown everything he needs, we would not be talking about this."

Almost sounds as if Brownie [and Matt] wish Bill Clinton had been president. After all, as noted here yesterday Clinton was willing to admit that if he had been president during Katrina, he "might have done more."

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