The Schwinns of War

And the questions surrounding the air strike at Qana keep coming.

This photo was first noted as a possible staged photo by A.J. Strata on July 31st.


This photo came one day later on August 1st.


Most people viewing this photo, noticing the shattered toy perched
precariously on shattered slabs, are even more convinced it was placed
there by human hands, most logically the photographer's.

Is staging photos a conspiracy? Not necessarily, though it is
unethical for a news photographer, especially when the photographer is
posting on a polarizing subject.

Speaking of ethics, did you click the link to the picture Strata
suggested might be staged? Did you happen to notice who the
photographer was?

His name is Nicolas Asfouri, one of the same photographers who was
acused of staging photos of the body recovery after the Israeli air
strike in Qana earlier that very day.

Update: Ace takes this, and writes it better.

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