Rush Limbaugh Listeners Top Chart for 'High Knowledge'

Which party controls the U.S. House? Who is the current Secretary of State? Who is the president of Russia?

If you know all three questions, you could be a Rush Limbaugh listener. According to a new study by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, Rush Limbaugh listeners place second in the category of "high knowledge." This is above the pretentious New Yorker, the almost as pretentious NPR, news magazines like Time, the "News Hour with Jim Lehrer," and cable news outlets.

Doesn't "acting" smart count for something? It only does in New York socials and in "An Inconvenient Truth."

Weekly Standard/New Republic: 50%
Rush Limbaugh: 48%
New Yorker/Atlantic: 44%
O’Reilly Factor: 42%
News magazines 41%
Online news (daily): 41%
NPR: 39%

Daily Show: 38%
Sunday AM talk: 36%
Talk radio: 36%
Business magazines: 33%
NewsHour: 32%
CNN: 31%
Daily newspaper: 30%
Nightly network news: 30%
Larry King Live: 30%
Fox News Channel: 28%
TV news magazines: 27%
Community newspapers: 27%
Letterman/Leno: 26%
C-SPAN: 25%
Local TV news: 24%

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