Kaffiyeh, Or Just Another Cold Day in Madrid for Spanish PM Zapatero?

They laughed when I said, here and here, that wearing a Palestinian scarf has become a leftist fashion statement. It was just a cold day on Rockefeller Center, people explained. Well, what do you know? Looks like the cold of Rock Center has made its way all the way to Madrid - and in high summer, no less!

Have a look at this article: Spanish PM in scarf scandal:

"Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has come under criticism for posing with a Palestinian scarf on his shoulders after accusing Israel of using force "abusively" to defend itself.

"Zapatero commented on the Middle East conflict at an international Socialist youth festival in Alicante, which was attended by more than 3 000 people including Palestinians and Israelis on Wednesday.

"The premier condemned both the kidnappings of Israeli soldiers and the use of 'abusive force which does not allow innocent human beings to defend themselves.'

"A Palestinian participant placed the traditional Palestinian scarf, or kaffiyeh, on Zapatero's shoulders to be photographed with him."

The photo itself comes from this article, on the same subject.

Update: Michelle Malkin is on the trail of kaffiyeh chic.  See Hate Couture

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