Bias of a Different Sort: Columnist Contends Media Favor Macs

It's nothing to do with political bias, but I think PC Magazine columnist John Dvorak's latest column makes an interesting allegation: that the technology media favor Apple products over Windows-based ones. Here's an excerpt:

With 90 percent of the mainstream writers being Mac users, what would
you expect? The top columnists in the news and business magazines fit
this model too. The technology writers fit this model. The tech writers
and tech columnists for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Fortune
are all Mac users. I could list them by name, but I'd hate to leave one
out. Maybe I'll blog them by name. I could list 50. Readers should thus
not be surprised by the overcoverage of Apple Computer. Every time
Steve Jobs sneezes there is a collective chorus of "Gesundheit" from
tech writers pounding away on their Macs. [...]

What's bad for Microsoft is that the bias against it is subtle—kind of
like any sort of media bias, whether religious or political. As one
critic once said regarding the supposed left-wing slant of the daily
news media, "It's not what they write, it's what they write ABOUT that
matters." Story selection. Microsoft can roll out a dozen cool
products, and the media goes ga-ga over the video iPod—a rather
late-to-market Apple product.

Is Dvorak right or wrong? Please keep the flames to a minimum.

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