Reader Poll: 88 Percent Agree 'People Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns in Public'

It's not scientific by any means, and there is the possibility that an influx of non-regular readers have contributed to this result, but all the same, a new reader-reaction poll on has a surprisingly overwhelming pro-gun rights response.

In a poll at the bottom of Michele Richinick's story, "A children’s book to teach kids about gun rights," asks "Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?" Eighty-eight percent of respondents selected the answer, "Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it." and an additional 4 percent staked out a middle-ground position, "Only for self defense." Only 8 percent answered "No, it's too dangerous." [see screen capture below page break]

This is not the first time an reader poll has had a surprising, non-liberal result. Back in June I noted how "Nearly 2/3rds of Readers Think Bergdahl-Taliban Prisoner Swap Was a Bad Deal."