‘Sister Missionary Position’: Anti-Catholicism Among March for Marriage Counter-Protesters

Liberal media sources accused attendees at the National Organization for Marriage’s second annual “March for Marriage” of being “anti-gay.” In truth, the only anti-anything to be seen was among the counter-protestors. And while it may have had the novel look of a burlesque nightmare, in the end, it was just good old-fashioned anti-Catholicism.

Meet “Sister Missionary Position.”

Among the counter-protesters at the March, across a man dressed as a nun and going by the title of “Sister Missionary Position.” Despite being “born of the cosmos,” Google tells us that “Sister Missionary Position” is actually Fred Brungard. He is one of the founders of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an “Order of Queer Nuns,” gay activists whose shtick is to paint their faces and play dress-up as nuns. Video Below.

With his floor length dress, bucket hat, heart shaped glasses, and green gardening gloves, Brungard drew a crowd as he declared that people shouldn’t be allowed to believe in traditional marriage because it interferes with “what’s good for all people.”

To prove his point, Brungard handed out pamphlets that mock the mysteries of the Catholic rosary and attack the Catholic Church all the whilst claiming to spread a message “love for everyone.” Picture Below.