Stunning Media Heroism as Reporters Aid Crossing Ducks

If you ever wanted to know how easy it easy to distract a reporter, and how short is the attention span of the Washington press corps, watch how a whole team of journalists saved the day as a mother duck and her ducklings tried to cross the street.

The reporters were waiting for Karl Rove to come out and make an appearance, but apparently Rove had a paddling up his sleeve, and instead of waiting to pepper Karl Rove with questions about his grand jury testimony, the gaggle of reporters rushed to the aid of the gaggle of ducks.

Watch the Media Heroism Slideshow to see how an entire group of reporters risked life and limb for ducks and put a temporary pause on harassing a lameduck's henchman.

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A mother duck and her eight little ducklings upstaged White House aide Karl Rove as he testified before a grand jury at the U.S. courthouse in Washington, D.C., today.

The mama duck led her eight little offspring around the courthouse grounds before they decided not to bother waiting for Rove to emerge after his testimony on who leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer.

But crossing busy Pennsylvania Avenue in midafternoon can be dangerous. So reporters and camera crews waiting for Rove dashed out into the street ahead of the ducks and halted traffic.

The ducks crossed the wide avenue with the U.S. Capitol in the background, while cars stopped in both directions. But when they got to the other side the little ducklings couldn't make it up the curb.

Once again the journalists came to the rescue and lifted the little ducks so they could join their waiting mother.

Watch the video.

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