NBC's Williams Hails Obama's 'Excellent' Health After Mentioning George HW Bush Parachute Jump

One week after being offended for the president about those leaked photos of Mr. Obama's dumbbell workout routine, NBC anchor Brian Williams assured viewers of June 12 Nightly News that the commander-in-chief is in top fighting condition. 

The story came right on the heels of Williams relaying how former President George H.W. Bush today made a parachute jump to celebrate his 90th birthday [MP3 audio clip here; video embed follows page break]:

President Obama's annual physical has been completed. The report is out and even though our presidents in the modern era have all traveled with physicians alongside them and they enjoy constant medical care, they haven't all been in the shape this president's in. His doctor pronounced him in excellent health at 52 years of age. A hundred-eighty pounds, cholesterol a tad high but no judgment. Tobacco free while still chewing nicotine gum. He has an occasional drink. He has 20/20 vision and stays fit.

Nightly News was alone among Thursday's Big Three broadcast evening newscasts in noting Mr. Obama's physical checkup. 

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