Geena Davis Impeached, ABC Puts Term Limit on “Commander in Chief”

All together now…awwwwwwww. 

What a shame. After a number of dismal weeks scraping the bottom of the ratings barrel – as well as numerous changes in time slot positioning, personnel restructurings, and bucket-loads of advertising dollars – the “let’s hope life will imitate art,” and much ballyhooed ABC television series “Commander in Chief,” has finally been yanked from the airwaves.

I guess those folks over at the Golden Globe were more impressed with Geena Davis in the role of president than the voters. Just imagine an awards organization having a different view of reality than the people. Tough to believe, isn’t it.

Sadly, it’s true. According to Reuters: “In its most recent airing, ‘Commander’ hit series lows, reaching just 6.5 million viewers.” 6.5 million viewers. Isn’t that almost as many votes as Pat Paulsen got in his last bid for president? Regardless, the show has grown so out of favor with viewers that ABC hasn’t even announced when the final three episodes that have already been taped will air.

With any luck ABC will choose to not air them at all, but instead ship the entire series over to Euro Disney to be incorporated into one their rollercoaster rides.

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