Chris Matthews On Hardball: Sweaty, Vicious Canines In The White House

Something wild happens on Hardball whenever Chris Matthews ventures outdoors. It was during an outdoor panel when Zell Miller challenged Chris to a duel and last night outside the MSNBC studios Matthews called the current White House communications team: "Vicious, almost canine," and so sweaty that, "They wouldn't pass lie detector tests, they've got such a sweat problem."

Matthews posed the following question to Pat Buchanan at around 5:43pm on last night's Hardball:

Matthews: "Are they gonna bring in some nice people to work at the White House or more mad dogs? The next press secretary, will it be a good, nice fellow to deal with like Tony Snow or Tony Blankley or will it be one of these vicious, almost canine people they have working for them right now, who will do anything to advance their cause?"

Later Matthews follwed up: "I think they need somebody that doesn’t obviously sweat every time he stands behind that lectern. Those guys look like they’re nervous. Anyway, they wouldn’t pass lie detector tests, they’ve got such a sweat problem."

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