Oliver Stone, Radical Journos Denounce Spineless Obama and MSNBC, the 'Obama For America Meet-Up'

Andrew Kirell of Mediaite filed a story from a convention of globalist libertarians, a panel discussion entitled “Imperial Overreach and the National Security State,”  that demonstrated that they really don’t like Barack Obama on the radical left. They thought he would be one of them, but instead he's a tool of the "warfare state." They’re also disgusted with MSNBC.

“The vast majority of the hate mail that I get today is from hard-core partisan Democrats, who are nothing more than lemmings for the White House, and when you watch MSNBC, it's like watching one big Obama For America meet-up,” radical journalist Jeremy Scahill said, “and when you watch Fox News it's full of conspiracies about the scary black Marxist Manchurian candidate who wants to resurrect Chairman Mao and put him in charge of our economy.” Movie director Oliver Stone condemned Obama as a “weak man” who’s essentially a black George Bush:

Stone chimed in that while President Obama rallied the progressive base in 2008 with tough “anti-war” talk, he has simply continued and expanded upon the policies of his predecessors. “The man stunned us with a lack of spine,” the filmmaker said. “He’s a weak man.” [Stone threw in Bill Maher alongside MSNBC as Obama lemmings, lamenting he believes in drones instead of combat troops on the ground.]

While discussing his Oscar-nominated documentary Dirty Wars, Scahill singled out MSNBC as one of the strongest defenders of Obama’s policies, including the targeted assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki‘s 16-year-old son.

“If you watch MSNBC,” he said, “they have figured out every possible excuse for why al-Awlaki was killed.” Scahill added that perhaps it’s because “Obama has convinced liberals he is fighting a clean war,” or simply that “Democrats have checked their conscience at the door of the Obama presidency.”

Kirell reported Scahill garnered cheers while discussing his new media venture with Glenn Greenwald, proclaiming that, “As journalists, we should have an adversarial stance towards the state.” That's apparently so adversarial that they'd find a hero in Edward Snowden, releasing massive amounts of U.S. intelligence and then going to  hide in Russia. Scahill drew the biggest applause of the event upon declaring that “We only actually have one party in this country when it comes to national security policy and war policy. It's the war party.”

The moderator at this panel was former Los Angeles Times editor Shelby Coffey, who lamented that Obama didn't match the hopes that journalists had in 2008: "Let me ask one question. I was at the Newseum, [to] which you’re all invited – the temple of the First Amendment – this is part of the free-speech exercise we get to enjoy here. And I was at the Newseum on inauguration night of Obama in 2009. Unbelievable! The hopes, the electricity, everything for that particular point...Now, the disillusion, as you write, is fairly sizable.”

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