Scott McClellan Vs. Media Outlets That Concoct Incomplete Bush-Trashing "Scoops"

Over at NRO's Media Blog, Stephen Spruiell writes that White House spokesman Scott McClellan needs to think like a blogger as he combats "exposes" from the Anti-War Media. He says McClellan's aggressive questioning of Washington Post reporter Joby Warrick's scooplet on mobile bio-weapons labs, for example, kept that questionable story -- based almost entirely on anonymous sources the reader is asked to trust, and completely misleading the reader by omitting the existence of other weapons-inspection teams -- off the top of the national news agenda.

See our Media Reality Check from Thursday for a quick take on how the Post and ABC News concocted an incomplete picture, and then refused to acknowledge their omissions: "It’s ironic for ABC and the Washington Post to hype a story that suggests the Bush team kept presenting information they knew to be false or incomplete – when that’s exactly what they have done here."

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