Hillary Omen? ABC to Impeach First Female Prez

Matt Drudge reports that ABC will likely pull the plug on "Commander in Chief," a show already on life support. Of course, to keep things interesting, the president's husband is going to grope an intern. They figure it kept Clinton in office, so why not them?

ABC is preparing to dismiss the first female president of The United States -- after less than a year on the job!

While it is not clear if the country is ready for a woman to take the title of COMMANDER IN CHIEF, TV executives at ABC have all but decided to pull the plug on the breakthrough drama, top sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

"No one here will say publicly that it's over [for the show]," a well-placed insider said this week from Los Angeles. 'But it is over."

The program returns this evening after a long recess -- with the president's husband groping an intern!

ABC suits will not renew COMMANDER unless audience levels can hold a 15 share, a source claims. The show crashed from a high of nearly 17 million viewers for its second episode to 10.4 million for its last, Jan. 24.

Geena Davis as President Mackenzie was launched with much fanfare and topical news crossover:

A search of the NEXIS database shows 918 press stories containing the terms "Geena Davis" and "Hillary Clinton."

"On 'COMMANDER IN CHIEF,' art can now imitate life," cheered the SAINT PAUL PIONEER PRESS.

But at season's end, the New York senator's handlers are surely hoping that real life does not imitate the art.

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