On Today Billy Crystal Takes A Quick Jab At Bush, Matt Lauer Laughs

On to promote his new children's book Billy Crystal couldn't resist taking a shot at the President on this morning's Today show. Crystal, opening to an illustration of a grandfather in his book let this zinger fly: "So we try to make them, [the] guy look like an everyman but look at this, if you can get in close, doesn't he look like President Bush?"

Lauer: "He does. He really does."

Crystal: "Just telling this little baby you have a $9 trillion dollar debt you can't pay off. Isn't that nice?"

Of course Matt Lauer responded with a big laugh. I suppose one could say Crystal is taking a shot at Bush from the right as this administration's spending record has been something conservatives have attacked. But let's be honest it's not like Crystal and Lauer are known advocates of a smaller government, so this comes off as just another cheapshot at the expense of the President.

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