Feminist Camille Paglia Attacks Liberal Media, Praises Limbaugh and Hannity

Camille Paglia, the famed, feminist social critic that calls herself a Democrat, gave an interview to The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, recently (hat tip to Radio Equalizer) in which she attacked a wide array of American media icons. For instance, she stated that the writing of The New York Times was, “‘Upper middle class comfortable elitist liberalism.'"

She then blamed a lot of the left’s difficulties on Hollywood: “‘It's the reason my party, the Democratic Party, is in such bad shape. It's because of the insularity and the arrogance of those views.’"

What do you think about Al Franken, Camille? “‘Good lord! I want to fall asleep. Narcolepsy.’"

And the radio station that carries his swill? “‘It's even slower than NPR. Like a record being played at the wrong speed.’"

As for the perky "Today"...errr "CBS Evening News" host, Paglia isn't impressed:

“‘I was on that show once. Katie Couric is such a little hypocrite.’ She says it's amazing that ‘in America, you would consider a person without the slightest news experience to occupy the chair of Walter Cronkite! Apparently that is what is going to happen at CBS.’

“Paglia added, ‘I don't watch Katie Couric for a second. Not for a microsecond.’"

Maybe most surprising, Paglia had positive things to say about conservative talk radio:

“Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity do great radio, Paglia says.

“‘People on the liberal side, people on my side, have not mastered that medium yet and they need to figure out what it is. They are out of touch with the mass audience, that's for sure. If there is any sign of the problems with my party, it is that.’"

Yikes. This kind of talk certainly won't get you invited to any Hollywood soirees at Barbra’s house.

Media Bias Debate
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