'South Park' Goes After Mohammad Censorship

Comedy Central's hit show "South Park" just won a Peabody, the highest award given to TV shows. The most recent episode dealt with the controversy surrounding depictions of Mohammad.

In the episode, everyone in the country is terrified that the Fox animated show "Family Guy" is going to show Mohammad. All in the town of South Park are afraid for their lives at the thought of Muslim retribution.

But in the end, Fox chickens out and censors the Mohammad character, covering him up with a black rectangle.

The show's main character, Peter Griffin, is told by his wife Lois that she doesn't want to cook dinner for his ex-girlfriend. Peter responds that maybe they can just have tea, to which the talking dog Brian responds, "You mean like the time you had tea with Mohammad, the prophet of the Muslim faith?"

Watch the clip.

Lois: But, Peter, I don't want to cook dinner for you ex-girlfriend.
Peter: Well, maybe we can just have tea.
Brian the Dog: You mean like the time you had tea with Mohammad, the prophet of the Muslim faith?
Peter (to censored Mohammad): Come on, Mohammad, let's get some tea.

The "South Park" episode is "too be continued," and next week the show's creators say Mohammad will be discussed again. They dare their own network, Comedy Central, not to censor them.

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