Denver Post Seeks Editor for 'Recreational Marijuana Website'

It's come to this.

Steve McMillan, the editor of online projects and public policy issues at the Denver Post, sent out a tweet Wednesday with a picture of a want ad from the paper seeking an editor to "oversee the development and maintenance of a recreational marijuana website":

Jim Romenesko contacted the news editor in the ad and was told:

“It’s early, but it’s an internal only position. [My boldface.] We’re not adding a spot right now. Our contract with the Guild requires all new positions to be posted, so we did that. The editor will come from within the newsroom.”

As Romenesko pointed out, the weekly publication Denver Westword hired a marijuana critic in 2009 to "review the dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries that have recently popped up in Colorado."

With the recent legalization of pot in that state, this seems a natural next step.

All together now: Rocky Mountain high, Colorado.

(HT Dan Gainor)

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