CNN's Cuomo: 'You Have to Have the Government Involved With Health Care'

CNN's Chris Cuomo won't even accept that health care problems can be solved without the government. On Thursday's New Day, he arrogantly dismissed that notion put forward by conservative guest Will Cain.

"You have to have the government involved with health care. And you know that," he condescended to Cain, who had first argued that "conservatives believe solutions can exist outside the constructs of government." Cuomo expounded on his pro-government reasoning in the following exchange :

CAIN: Community, churches, markets, we believe markets are the key to reforming health care.  

CUOMO: For health care?

CAIN: Absolutely. That's what I've been trying to say.

CUOMO: You had free markets in different states. It became such a calamity, there was so much abuse by insurers in this country and people know it, from slow-walking to denial –

CAIN: The '60s?

CUOMO: Now, my brother.

CAIN: That's not a free market.

CUOMO: Now there's a problem.

CAIN: We haven't had a free market in health care for decades.

CUOMO: They control the entire market. That's the problem. And that's why you had to check it, and there are millions of Americans who have dealt with those problems. You had to address them.

Cuomo has gone after multiple conservatives in the last week, most notably calling Sen. Ted Cruz "dangerous" for his "political spin" on ObamaCare.

He also wondered if the uproar over millions losing their insurance was just a GOP "straw man" that Obama "took the bait" on and that was used to "distract" the press.

Cuomo also said recently that Republicans have concocted a "negative mythology" on Benghazi.

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