Cue Laugh Track: MSNBC's Alex Wagner Insists ‘I Try To Be' 'Non-Partisan'

When will the folks at MSNBC stop pretending to be journalists and just admit to being liberal hosts looking to push their political agenda? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be not soon as MSNBC host Alex Wagner laughably told her audience on November 6 that she tries to be “non-partisan on her show.”

Appearing with her left-wing panel on Wednesday, the former Center for American Progress employee seemed confused as to what her role on the network actually is. Speaking on the issue of President Obama lying to the American public that if they liked their health insurance plan, they could keep it, Wagner showed that she cannot be an objective host, instead opting to push her liberal agenda. [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

Speaking on the subject, Wagner argued that:

I mean, listen, I try to be very agnostic and non-partisan on this show, but health insurance companies don't have a great record of doing well by their insurees the people that are on these actual plans. 

Given Alex’s history at MSNBC, she is one of the last people to claim to be “non-partisan” and objective, as she uses her daily Now w/ Alex Wagner program to shill for liberalism.

Here is just a sample of why Wagner is anything but “non-partisan.”

I guess that is what passes for “non-partisan” at MSNBC.


See relevant transcript below.


Now w/ Alex Wagner

November 6, 2013

12:10 p.m. Eastern

ALEX WAGNER: The president met with insurers yesterday at the White House and presumably said, listen, guys, you cannot keep upselling people or you’ve got to be more honest with them. But the question is, I mean listen I try to be very agnostic and nonpartisan on this show, but health insurance companies don't have a great record of doing well by their insurees the people that are on these actual plans. As Ronan Farrow points out, Talking Points Memo has a whole investigative piece about just how these insurers are sending out letters meant to scare people or sell them to more expensive plans.

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