Roseanne Barr on Her First TV Show: 'My Attempt to Move the Left to the Middle'

You probably didn't know that Friday, October 18, is the 25th anniversary of the first episode of Roseanne.

To commemorate the event, Roseanne Barr took to the Huffington Post to congratulate herself - as only she can! - with some truly hysterical commentary including, "The show was my attempt to move the left to the middle."

"I knew that everything on television was bullshit," Barr wrote, "the forcing of Gender-ism and consumerist fundamentalism down the gullets of the viewers, especially the female ones who could be persuaded to buy anything that promised to make their breath fresher, breasts and butts firmer, hands softer, countertops gleaming like their teeth and kitchen floors but without any waxy buildup."

"To speak directly to working class viewers in an active feminist voice over the people's airwaves about the true nature of Reaganomics on their lives seems to have led to a fracturing of the advertising medium itself," she declared. "Almost immediately, after becoming the number one television show of the '90s, I noted that commercials switched from using the passive patriarchal voice to an active feminist voice to sell cheese graters and diet pills."

So in Barr's view, she changed how commercials were being made.

Pretty arrogant and deluded, dontcha think?

Never mind all the feminist voices speaking to the nation since the '60s. It was Roseanne Barr and a once a week 30 minute sitcom that changed how society looked at women.

One quite imagines most liberal women would give far more credit in this regard to Murphy Brown - which debuted almost exactly one month after Roseanne.

But Barr wasn't done patting herself on the back: "I knew that I would win in the end -- that the spooking passive voice of male supremacist ideology that is television, and porn, would be forever altered with just a relatively few excellent jokes, guffaws, kicks, knives to the heart, and sledgehammers to the heads of Madison Avenue's Persuasive Piggery."

Yes, it was all you, Roseanne.

America has you to thank for its current condition.

I'd ask if you were proud of yourself, but that clearly isn't necessary.

Roseanne Barr
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