Gaffe: Rep. Steve Cohen Calls Gun-Rights GOPers 'Murderers Row'

Rep. Steve Cohen committed a gaffe on Wednesday’s Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC, Jeffrey Meyer at noticed. Wagner prattled on about the recall of liberal legislators in Colorado “weren’t heartening,” as NRA voter suppression” was harming the cause of “gun safety reform.”

Then Cohen suggested gun-rights House members are a “Murderers Row” who like their guns:

"It’s no Newtown. People are almost inured to it, because they’ve seen what happened in the Senate, and seen the votes can’t be cobbled together. And in the House, on the Judiciary Committee, which I sit on, that's Murderers' Row; that's Foxx, Gehrig and Ruth. They all like their guns,"  Cohen clumsily said.

Wagner lamented that Nancy Pelosi was at an event with anti-gun-rights Newtown families to mark the ninth anniversary of that shooting: "But with the NRA's power as yet unchecked, it is unclear how many more anniversaries the Newtown parents will be forced to commemorate before congress makes any steps towards meaningful change."

Cohen also said of gun-rights advocates: “I think their guns are next there to their bibles. I'm not sure which they find more important to them.” After his “Murderers Row” comment, Cohen insisted that Republicans like their guns more than God: “I think guns trump bibles on that side of the aisle.”

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