Actual Headline: 'CNN Schedule Changes: Less Wolf Blitzer, More Newt Gingrich'

Here's a headline I doubt many Americans imagined ever seeing:

"CNN Schedule Changes: Less Wolf Blitzer, More Newt Gingrich"

Such appeared at The Wrap Tuesday.

The report announced CNN's new fall schedule that takes 30 minutes away from Blitzer's The Situation Room and gives it to the revamped Crossfire - featuring S.E. Cupp, Stephanie Cutter, Newt Gingrich and Van Jones - appearing at 6:30 PM beginning September 16.

What this means is that in the past six months, Blitzer has lost half of his show. In February, an hour was given to Jake Tapper's The Lead.

In what appears to be a consolation prize, Blitzer will now host the 1PM installment of CNN Newsroom.

As such, in reality, Blitzer is gaining 30 minutes with these moves thereby somewhat contradicting a New York Daily News report in June claiming that he was going to be "gradually phased out and replaced with a younger, hipper host."

Or is this part of the phase out?

Stay tuned.

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