Dan Gainor Discussed Security Threat of Obamacare on Varney & Co.

Dan Gainor appeared on "Varney & Co." With Stuart Varney, on July 16, to discuss the "privacy issue with Obamacare." "Is the Media making the link between the personal information we've got to give to the IRS, and the intrusions of Obamacare?" Varney asked Gainor. "Not even slightly." Gainor replied.

"It's been three years now since Obama released this data grab for Obamacare," Gainor said. "It's supposed to save us $81 billion a year, and now studies say it may end up costing us money, not saving us a dime. And, you know, we're in the midst of this huge data scandal involving the NSA Data is everywhere. The media have not connected the dots about that, they have not warned us the dangers of electronic medical records, and all in the context of Obamacare. Not once."

(video after break)

"According to one study, 94 percent of the firms involved had data breaches. That's nearly every single one. 500 major data breaches, of a total of 21 million records. You know, that's a big deal."

"I think it was NBC that had a great line. They were talking about the dangers of storing things on your own computer. About your data they said, the one way to protect yourself from having any sort of big breach, is to not have this data on your computer. Unfortunately, the government is not paying attention to that bit of advice."

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