Bill Press Calls Reporters “Lazy Idiots”

Former “Crossfire” co-host Bill Press, in a blog post at HuffPo, referred to his journalistic colleagues as “a bunch of lazy idiots.” In an article defending the lack of vision and ideas coming from today’s Democratic Party, Press suggested that reporters that had the nerve to point this out “could not be more wrong.”

Press began: “I am sick and tired of reading about Democrats in disarray.”

Believe it or not, he was serious. In fact, he doesn’t even want to hear it from reliable Democratic apologists: “There it was again, in the Washington Post yesterday, the headline: ‘Amid GOP troubles, Democrats have no unified message.’"

Yeah, I read that article, too, Bill. I thought it was extraordinarily refreshing. Alas, Bill isn’t looking for “refreshing”:

“Looking at mid-term elections of 2006, political reporters are incapable of writing about all the monumental screw-ups of George Bush and Republicans, without immediately adding: Yeah, but Democrats are worse.

“What a bunch of lazy idiots. They could not be more wrong.”

After listing what he considered Democratic “ideas,” Press hypocritically conceded:

“But, to tell the truth, Democrats don't need a lot of ideas.  

“In 2006, they've got something even more important going for them.

“In 2006, the one big, winning ticket for Democrats is very simple: They're not George Bush! That's all they need to win.”

Um, Bill: Aren’t you doing exactly what you’re castigating your colleagues for? Doesn’t this, in your own words, make you a lazy idiot, too?

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