O'Reilly More Likely Than Obama to Have 'Sex Slaves,' Randi Rhodes Rants

Hard to believe there are people who think along these lines, but that's left-wing radio for you.

One of its ditziest inhabitants, the habitually juvenile Randi Rhodes, resents that she's far less talented and influential than Fox's Bill O'Reilly, so she responds with insipid analysis. (Audio after the break)

On her radio show Tuesday, Rhodes played a clip of O'Reilly on Laura Ingraham's radio show describing President Obama as controlling and inflexible.

O'Reilly theorized this stems from Obama's "turbulent" upbringing when he was raised "without a guiding force in the house, no authoritative figure, no father ... When you get to be an adult, the chances are you're going to want to control your environment. And that's the hallmark of his administration, is that Barack Obama wants control."

Even though "every president wants that," O'Reilly added, Obama "doesn't like anything that is happening that he can't tell you to say yes or no. It's absolute power. And most of his acolytes give him that."

To which Rhodes responded --

So Bill O'Reilly thinks Barack Obama creates absolute power. So let me ask you this -- which one of them do you think is more likely to be holding sex slaves in their basement? He wants to exercise power over the little people? You know, if you feel like it, uh, Bill, you call the little people on the phone and then you sexually harass them with inappropriate references to falafels and loofahs. Um, I don't see this president as being a control freak as much as these talk show hosts are control freaks. You have to be screened, you have to agree with them. Uh, I just don't see Barack Obama melting down because he has to introduce a Sting video on "Inside Edition."

Is Rhodes talking about Bill O'Reilly ... or Bill Clinton? Sounds like she might be getting her Bills confused. Not only that, she actually criticizes the widespread practice, common among radio hosts across the spectrum, of screening callers. Rhodes would surely do likewise if she could afford the help.

O'Reilly dares criticize Dear Leader and Rhodes resurrects a decade-old lawsuit settled out of court and maligns O'Reilly as a slave master.  If the Benghazi attack occurred "a long time ago," as claimed by White House media flack Jay Carney, the unproven allegation against O'Reilly is ancient history. But why take on the gist of O'Reilly's criticism if you can grasp at straws instead?

(h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at mrctv.org)

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