KosKooks: Viva North Korea!

Nothing warms the hearts of our extremist friends at the DailyKos, a major leftist website, more than uplifting propaganda straight from North Korea. And thanks to the AP's questionable Pyongyang Bureau, staffed by Regime-trained "reporters", we now have exciting updates on "the good life" inside the Hermit Kingdom's capital city.

Kos diarist winnerforlife used the latest dodgy AP dispatch to attack American accounts of starvation and generally miserable circumstances, praising its "HEALTHCARE!!!", reports of luxury goods (even kiwi fruit from New Zealand!) available in the capital and what the wire service called "glossy construction downtown" resulting in a street that "would not look out of place in Seoul, Shanghai or Singapore".

Winnerforlife seized upon the AP's "proof" that Americans have the NK story all wrong: "wait, I thought that communist socialist Marxist Leninist Maoist dictatorship means bland bland living where everyone works in grey factory buildings and eats the same food, preferably thin gruel."

Lights in Pyongyang! Those unfortunate souls in Singapore must be crying in their penthouses and Ferraris.

Apparently the KosKooks were unaware that the Kim dictatorship has ALWAYS kept trusted supporters well-stocked with luxury items, it's key to the family's survival. Every marxist hellhole in the last 100 years has done the same thing. The only difference now is the AP's shady "reporting" from the scene.