Alec Baldwin Calls Vice President Cheney a “Lying, Thieving Oil Whore”

Alec Baldwin at the infamous Huffington Post on Wednesday apologized to America for labeling Vice President Dick Cheney as a terrorist, and then quickly referred to him as a “lying, thieving Oil Whore”:

“I want to apologize to all of the readers of this blog for referring to Vice President Cheney as a terrorist. I suppose that, in the post-9/11 world, one would be hard-pressed to refer to anyone other than a militant Arab fundamentalist who hijacks a plane and pilots it into a building somewhere on our shores or a Palestinian who bears a bomb into a cafe in Israel as a terrorist.

“How about something more measured, then? How about...a lying, thieving Oil Whore. Or, a murderer of the US Constitution? No wait! Try...the worst Vice President in US history? Anyway, let me work on that.”

After referencing how wonderful things were under his hero, Bill Clinton, Baldwin then included other Republicans in his attack:

“We were at peace under Clinton. The deficit was gone. Things seemed pretty good. So, some right-wing nuts had to grab hold of what they could and tried to bury Clinton over his sex life. These idiots might get us all killed, sooner or later. But Bush gets a pass because of these incompetent, gutless cowards like Hastert and Frist who believe their loyalty lies with Rove and not the American people.”

After insulting Republicans, Baldwin then mysteriously begged conservative voters to back Democrats in the upcoming elections:

“Things must change again. The Republican rank and file must look inward and realize that they married the wrong guy. And they married into the wrong family. The Bush era will end, but we must make sure that the era of lies, corruption, incompetence and arrogance goes with him. A Democratic House and a Democratic Senate have never been more necessary than they are today. Give to the DCCC and the DSCC today.”

Alec, isn’t there a movie script out there that better suits your lack of talent, and, most important, doesn’t involve you pretending to be a political strategist?

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