Oscars Crowd Stunned By Seth MacFarlane’s Tasteless Joke About Lincoln Assassination

Oscars host Seth MacFarlane made a truly tasteless joke Sunday about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Far more surprising, the audience seemed stunned by it (video follows with transcript and commentary):

SETH MACFARLANE: This is interesting, Daniel Day-Lewis not the first actor to be nominated for playing Lincoln. Raymond Massey portrayed him in 1940’s “Abe Lincoln In Illinois.” This is true. I would argue, however, that the actor who really got inside Lincoln’s head was John Wilkes Booth.

This was met with nervous groans and what even sounded liked gasps from the crowd.

“Really?” MacFarlane replied. “150 years and it’s still too soon, huh?”

This the audience laughed at as he continued, “I got some Napoleon jokes coming up, you guys are going to be so mad. Oh my God.”

I can't wait.

*****Update: Instead of Napoleon jokes, what followed shortly after this was Mark Wahlberg and MacFarlane's bear Ted on stage with the latter making anti-Semitic jokes.

So disgusted by what she's seen during this program, the perilously liberal Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tweeted, "You know, has anyone told the Oscars people that there are families watching their show with their kids? #apparentlynot."

So there's actually something that offends Wasserman-Schultz besides Republicans and tax cuts.

Imagine that.

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