Video: NB Publisher Bozell Slams Media for Ignoring Al Jazeera's Ties to Radical Islam; Bashes NBC for Deceptive Editing

While liberal media outlets are slamming Al Gore for hypocrisy over selling his cable network to a Middle East oil magnate, one would "have every reason to not just criticize but condemn Al Gore for selling Current TV to Al Jazeera," because of a far greater reason. It is "a radical pro-Islamic enterprise that is regularly promoting anti-Americanism," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News's Sean Hannity on the January 31 Hannity program.

"Al Jazeera is owned by the emirate of Qatar" which is "openly endorsing and supporting [terrorist networks] Hamas and Hezbollah." In fact, the father of the late Daniel Pearl -- who was murdered by Islamists -- "is calling for a congressional investigation," Bozell noted. In spite of this, "national security has nothing to do" with the liberal media's outrage, "it's the stupid global warming argument!" [watch the full "Media Mash" segment below the page break]

Also discussed on "Media Mash" was MSNBC's latest episode of deceptive editing, for which leftist anchor Martin Bashir has refused to apologize and how the media are ignoring serious allegations that Sen. Menendez (D-N.J.) was involved with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

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