John Heilemann Jumps Ugly With S.E. Cupp

John Heilemann has exposed the sneering, sarcastic face of the liberal media vis a vis their conservative colleagues.  On today's Morning Joe, New York magazine editor and Game Change co-author Heileman made no effort to conceal his contempt for Cupp, a conservative pundit and co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC.

The subject was, in the context of the recent NRA ad, the use of presidential children in politics.  Cupp asserted that all president's children have been misused in some way.  She then let herself be drawn into implying that President George W. Bush's children appeared in ads by liberal groups.  Whether her claim was correct is an open question. But the vituperation with which Heilemann responded was nothing short of breathtaking. "I'd like to see that ad.  Yeah: have your 'research staff' work on that. It doesn't exist." Heilemann coupled his sarcastic comment with a contemptuous sneer. View the video after the jump.

Cupp might have misspoken. But the unrestrained venom with which Heilemann responded exposed the contempt with which the liberal media regards those on the conservative side of the punditry aisle. 

Watch Heilemann jump ugly.


MIKE BARNICLE: Do you find that ad reprehensible?

S.E. CUPP: Oh, reprehensible? No. I think they were making a point. I don't think they made it particularly well. But the point was valid.

BARNICLE: By throwing the president's kids, everyone's kids, in effect, into the argument. You don't find that reprehensible?

CUPP: I think they were making a point --

BARNICLE: What was the point?

CUPP: -- about our desire to keep all of our children safe and trying to suggest that the president has that desire as well, and that's what we should be focusing on.

MARK HALPERIN: If Democrats had done an ad on President Bush's kids, you wouldn't have cared?

CUPP: Have, have.

HALPERIN: On President Bush's kids?

CUPP: Every president's kids have been misused

HALPERIN: Really? Liberal groups went after the president's daughters?

JOHN HEILEMANN: I'd like to see the example of that. I'd like to see that example.

CUPP: I'm sure I could.

HEILEMANN: Find it, please. Find the ad run by a liberal group that cited President Bush's children explicitly. I'd like to see that ad. Have your 'research staff' work on that. It doesn't exist.

CUPP: Okay. I'll find you something. But I think the sentiment behind the ad was really right on. And maybe they didn't do the best job of sort of singling out that message. But I don't find it reprehensible, no.

BARNICLE: I tell you what. We're going to bail you out right now.

CUPP: Oh, okay. Thanks.

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