Barbra Streisand Insists She Could ‘Never’ Fall in Love With Republican

In an interview with CNN, left-wing singer Barbra Streisand revealed that she has “never” been in love with a Republican and that she did not think it would be possible for her to do so unless there was some sort of “enormous sexual chemistry.”

Streisand’s comments were made in response to a question from her host, former tabloid editor and current CNN host Piers Morgan. Video and transcript below the break.

PIERS MORGAN: Have you ever been in love with a Republican?


MORGAN: Could you ever be?

STREISAND: No. Well, I mean unless there was an enormous sexual chemistry and, you know, and I had to - we never talked about politics, maybe. But I can't quite imagine it, no.

Later on in the interview, Streisand did her usual boosting of Democratic politicians. For those interested, please see CNN’s writeup. The full discussion will air later tonight.

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