Troops Tell Anderson Cooper Media Not Telling Whole Story in Iraq

CNN's Anderson Cooper reported that he went on a patrol with troops in Baquba, north of Baghdad. After it was all over, one soldier said to him, "Sorry it wasn't more exciting for you."

Cooper said that he "told him I wasn't looking for excitement, and in fact, I was glad the day unfolded as it did."

Why would a serviceman expect that a reporter wanted excitement? After seeing enough media reports, he assumes this reporter wants more of the same, more violence to serve as grist for the mill.

Cooper says he is always approached by soldiers complaining about media coverage.

"Every soldier I talked to today said the media hasn't done a good job of telling the full story from Iraq. It's a complaint I've heard before, and certainly understand. I do think television tends to focus on the bombs and the bullets, the most dramatic headlines. So much of what happens here never makes the nightly news."

Given his position, Cooper could certainly ensure that positive Iraq stories "make the nightly news." But this is CNN.

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