Al Franken's Fable of Psycho Killer Bush

Since Clay Waters has brought up Al Franken again, one more note that shows Al Franken has too many wild thoughts about executing political leaders. (And for the record, I'm fairly certain this did not come up in Franken's interviews at the time.) In Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them," he has a supposedly comic story about Vietnam titled “Operation Chickenhawk: Episode One.” On page 250, after courageous commander John Kerry saved Rush Limbaugh from certain doom, he told his imaginary chickenhawk men it was time to go again and “engage the enemy,” and asked  “Are there any questions?” But the chickenhawks weren’t having that. It was time for some friendly fire.  

“Bang! A single shot ripped through Kerry’s spine, exiting out his chest. His knees buckled; he was dead before he hit the deck. [George W.] Bush, his M-16 still smoking, grinned: ‘Yeah, I got a question. Anybody here see that? I didn’t think so.’ ‘Well I certainly did,’ Gore said indignantly. ‘And I plan to make a full—‘ Bang!"

President Bush, psycho killer. And the Clintons think they were so uniquely wronged by the haters...

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