Another Poll You Won’t Hear About: Bush’s Approval Rating Back to 45%

The results of a recent poll by Zogby International were just released, and they show President Bush’s job approval back to where it was in July well before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans:

“President Bush, his job approval rating beleaguered by poor marks in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, rebounded from historic lows this summer to 45% in Zogby International’s latest poll, with job approval numbers bumping back up into the range where they have hovered for most of his second term.

“The survey also found that, while voters do not give the President passing marks on his handling of the Iraq War, half (50%) believe the recently-passed Iraqi constitution is a major step in the right direction for the strife-torn nation that will lead to peace and democracy." 

And, Americans are starting to feel better about where the country is heading:

“Bush’s bounce appears to be tied to overall perception of the nation’s direction; three weeks ago, just 40% said the nation was on the right track.  This number now stands at 45%.”

Yet, maybe most fascinating about the right-track/wrong-track numbers is their strict partisanship:

“The trend is even more pronounced along party lines.  While Republicans are overwhelmingly optimistic about the nation’s direction, with 75% saying the nation is on the right track, among Democrats, this drops to 17%.  Independents lag behind the national average at 42%.”

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