Rush Limbaugh: You Can't Call Obama D-word on MSNBC But You Can Call Conservatives 'Racist, Sexist, Bigot Homophobes'

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh had more fun Friday with what Mark Halperin said on "Morning Joe" the previous day.

In Limbaugh's view, you can't call Obama the D-word on MSNBC, but you can debase conservatives however you want including saying they're "racist, sexist, bigot homophobes" (video follows with transcript and commentary, minor vulgarity warning):

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now, the White House says that that remark was inappropriate. The White House says it's inappropriate. White House spokesman, Mr. Claire Shipman, Jay Carney said that "the comment was an inappropriate thing to say about any president," except George W. Bush. Well, he didn't really say that, but you know damn well if Halperin had called Bush that name they wouldn't even have apologized. "White House spokesman Jay Carney said the comment was an inappropriate thing to say about any president. Carney also said he had expressed that sentiment to network executives. Halperin quickly apologized on the air Thursday. MSNBC suspended him indefinitely hours later. MSNBC also said Halperin's comment was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. The network apologized to Obama."

So let's take a look here. The word "dick" inappropriate. But the Republicans will hurt disabled kids is totally permissible. The Republicans will hurt college kids. The Republicans will take food out of old people's mouths. Totally appropriate. The Republicans want to take Social Security checks away from old people, totally appropriate. Paul Ryan will push your grandmother to her death over a cliff in a wheelchair, totally appropriate. The rich are selfish, mean-spirited, extremist racists, totally appropriate to say. Conservatives are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes, totally appropriate to say. It is totally appropriate to make up quotes I never said and attribute them to me. It's totally appropriate for left-wing sportswriters to invent things I never said, that's totally appropriate.

As NewsBusters reported Thursday, on MSNBC you can also call a sitting president "a 'murderous' 'fascist' even muse about putting the President on trial for war crimes, so long as that president is a Republican."

And, as Limbaugh pointed out Thursday, you can also call the President the D-word on MSNBC as long as he's Republican.

But you better not do it if he's a Democrat.

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