There He Goes, Projecting Again - Ed Schultz Denigrates GOP as 'The Hog Party'

Ed Schultz really hates hoggish behavior. Except when he's planning to engage in it.

On his radio show yesterday, Schultz trotted out his new label for Republicans, one that he clearly labored to create, and with Schultz providing helpful porcine sound effects at the unveiling (audio) (more audio clips after page break) --

The Republicans are now the hog party. They're the sooey hog. Ever been into a hog pen?! A hog pen? Do you realize that a hog will eat until he dies? That a hog, they're damn near unlimited?! That when a hog starts eating, they don't know any better, they just keep eating! (Schultz provides eerily accurate imitation of grunting pig). They just keep eating! And you know what they do? They crap! (surprisingly, Schultz refrains from sound effects here). And I mean they don't go to the bathroom, they crap everywhere. And they don't care! The Republican Party is now, I'm going to refer to them on the air, as the hog party. They want to get fat, they want to walk over everything, and they want to crap on everything else. That's who they are! That's their philosophy! That's what they want!

Given how strenuously Schultz pushed this analogy -- he cited it repeatedly during his three-hour radio show on Tuesday -- you'd think he would avoid comparing himself to a hog. Yet in a rare moment of candor the following hour, Schultz did exactly that. Here is he is talking with Congressman Peter Welch about appearing on "Real Time with Bill Maher" this Friday with former RNC chairman Michael Steele as one of the other guests (audio) --

WELCH: It's good to be with you and I look forward to seeing you in the smackdown with Mr. Steele.

SCHULTZ: Oh yeah, I can't wait. I don't know if there'll be room for the other guests, but I'm going to hog my time. (guffaws)

... and turn it into a real hog party -- sooey!

Shortly after Schultz announced his shallow new description of Republicans, one of his first callers criticized him for it, followed by Schultz doing what he does with critics -- he hung up on the man (audio), as he's done repeatedly this year.

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