Crazy Larry Libels 'Good Christians' As Immigrant Killers

If only Larry O'Donnell could have restrained himself, he had an opening to take a deserved shot at a Republican. But they don't call him 'Crazy Larry' for nothing. And so on his MSNBC show this evening, O'Donnell couldn't resist going beyond the bounds, fantasizing about "good Christians" as murderers of illegal immigrants.

A meat-head of a Kansas Republican state lawmaker named Virgil Peck had suggested that since shooting feral pigs from helicopters had proved successful, "maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem.”

If O'Donnell had contented himself with pasting Peck, he would have been entirely within his rights.  But no, Larry had to aver that Virgil imagined "good Christian Kansas sharpshooters" killing the immigrants.  Peck had in fact made no reference to religion.

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Watch in disgust as O'Donnell take an utterly gratuitous swipe at Christians.

LARRY O'DONNELL: The murder-minded Mr. Peck . . . delights in imagining unarmed men, women and children running along under helicopters as they are being shot dead in their tracks by good, Christian, Kansas sharpshooters.

Strange Feral Pig Coincidence:  In my new hometown in Texas, the discharge of firearms is prohibited within the gates of the community . . . with one exception.   Residents of homes on the Brazos River are permitted to shoot the very destructive . . . feral pigs that wreak havoc.  And--you guessed it--I live in a river home and thus have the right to shoot the pigs.  Don't expect to try my hand anytime soon, though, with the little plinking pistol I have.  Might just make 'em mad.