State of the Union Live Chat

Welcome, NBers, to our annual State of the Union live chat! While most blogs ask you to sit and watch while they write about the event, our users are part of NB's coverage. Below the fold you'll find streaming video of the President's speech and the GOP response from Rep. Paul Ryan (once the video embed code is available). And of course we've also embedded a chat room so you all can join in the commentary.

As with all NB events, you are expected to abide by the NewsBusters terms of service. Vulgarity and general obnoxiousness will get you kicked from the chat room.

One technical note: Initially you will be given a generic "Ustream" username. If you'd like to change it, just type "/nick NEWNAME" in the normal message entry field and hit enter. So if you wanted to change your name to NBer123, you would type "/nick NBer123" (without the quotes) and press enter. You do not have to register with Ustream to pick a username, so if it asks you for a password it probably means that the username is taken by someone on UStream.. So make it unique!

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