Schultz Guest: Obama Will 'Come Close' To Castrating O'Reilly Pre-Super Bowl

Guess we could get used to Bill a few octaves higher . . .

Radio host Lionel has predicted that Barack Obama will "come close" to gelding [castrating] Bill O'Reilly when the president does an interview with the Fox News host on Super Bowl Sunday.

Lionel, who's real last name is . . . Lebron, made his prediction of what would be news-breaking neutering on this evening's Ed Show.

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An evidently jealous Ed had kvetched throughout the show about Obama going on with O'Reilly.  

When Lionel came on, he explained that it was traditional for PBO to interview with someone from the host Super Bowl network, as he did last year with Katie Couric.   He went on to make his vulgar castration prognostication.

LIONEL: Now I would have gone on The Ed Show, but that's me.

ED SCHULTZ: I'm rooting for you for president, if that's the case.

LIONEL: No, but I'm serious. I know it's going to kill you, but a lot of people are going to be watching it: it is the Super Bowl. But watch him defuse, and, I don't want to say make a gelding out of Mr. O'Reilly, but as close to it as you're going to get [makes cutting sound.]


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