Media Calls Them 'Homegrown Terrorists'; Blows By Muslim Conversion

The Rockwoods and Contessa BrewerContessa Brewer isn't going to like this.

Federal agents say the husband, 35-year-old Paul Gene Rockwood, Jr., aka "Bilal", created a hit list of people he wanted to see executed (included American servicemen). According to court documents, Rockwood was living in Virginia when he converted to Islam around the beginning of 2002. Shortly after converting, he began following the teachings of cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is known for promoting violent Jihad ideology. Prosecutors say in late 2009, Rockwood started sharing his ideas about committing domestic terrorism, like mail bombs and killing people by shooting them in the head.

So, Paul G. Rockwood gets eight years in jail to ponder his victimization at the hands of the infidel, wife Nadia Piroska Maria Rockwood gets five years probation to plan for his release, and at some point people like Contessa Brewer will blame this whole episode on America, Bush, and people who brought up the Muslim angle in the first place.


Note what some other titles leave out...


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Oh, and the "out-dated bigotry", "skin color" thing doesn't work here, Contessa.