Norah Crows Crist Cross Could Elect Kendrick

Break out the pom poms . . .

Check out Norah O'Donnell's reaction to the news that Charlie Crist is poised to enter the Florida senatorial race as an independent.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, the MSNBC correspondent was absolutely giddy with excitement at the prospect that Crist's independent run could give Democrat Kendrick Meek "a real shot!"

NORAH O'DONNELL: I think this is a huge development, in part because of Charlie Crist's past and his future, and also because it does give Kendrick Meek a real shot at this Senate seat!  He's got a lot of money that he's banked, and he's just been sitting there pretty, waiting to spend it. Florida is a state about spending money on advertising.  And I think it gives the Democrats a real shot.

Curb your enthusiasm, Norah!

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