Headline of the Day: 'Message to Chris Matthews: Shut up!'

No matter what the topic, it's hard not to find joy in a newspaper column headlined “Message to Chris Matthews: Shut up!” -- a column in which the author also expressed a yearning “to shove a sock” in Matthews' “big mouth” and colorfully described Matthews' “moon face coloring up like a pumpkin with hay scattered on top.”

Can't beat that.

It all came in a column by Harry Jaffe, a veteran of the Washingtonian magazine, in Friday's Washington Examiner. The topic: The “bloviator in chief” whining on Wednesday's Hardball about the pace of snow-plowing in the District. “Filling his MSNBC show with more nonsense than usual Wednesday night, Matthews called D.C. 'a city that can't plow its streets,'” Jaffe recounted.

Jaffe suggested: “The snow made you disoriented. You started from your manse in Montgomery County, where the streets had not been plowed, and you didn't know when you crossed into D.C., where the streets actually were clear.”

Better explanation: “My wife, who actually admires Matthews, says he 'speaks from the cuff and isn't always interested in all the facts.'” Is he ever interested in the facts?

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