Mediaite: Is Rachel Maddow the Glenn Beck of the Left?

Rachel Maddow: The Glenn Beck Of The Left?

So reads the headline of a column published Tuesday in the left-leaning website Mediaite.

For those unfamiliar, Mediaite is the brainchild of former MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams, and was described by managing editor Colby Hall as "Huffington Post meets Gawker." 

No surprise there, for two of its other editors, Rachel Sklar and Glynnis MacNicol, both hail from HuffPo.

With this in mind, the latter wrote a piece Tuesday actually comparing someone liberals absolutely adore to someone liberals totally despise:

Sometimes it seems that Rachel Maddow is the Glenn Beck of MSNBC….merely in so far as she is able to explain things simply, engagingly, often with the aid of props!...Maddow employs flags, and signs, and stickers as she walks the audience through: the public option; the public option for the uninsured, the public option that defers to state rules, and the maybe some day option.

Hmmm. So there's actually something GOOD about Glenn Beck?

I thought these people saw him as the Devil incarnate.

Maddow certainly does, as she regularly lambastes the Fox host on her own show.

Can't imagine she or any of her adoring fans are going to like the comparison.

Frankly, this won't make Beck happy either.

Maybe this is what Mediaite views as "fair and balanced."


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