Matthews Laughs at 'SNL' Biden Clip but Ignores Obama 'Daydreams' Joke About Him

Chris Matthews, on Monday's "Hardball," showcased "Saturday Night Live" skewering Joe Biden but he conspicuously ignored the "Weekend Update" clip, from the same show, making fun of his fondness for Obama in which he was depicted as daydreaming about Obama in a "loin cloth." The MRC's Brent Baker caught the clip from this past Saturday's show making fun of Matthews. However Matthews -- who in the past has enjoyed SNL's Darrell Hammond's impersonations of him so much that he invited the impressionist on his MSNBC show -- ignored the most recent quip made at his expense.

The following moment was aired during the "Sideshow" segment on the April 13 edition of "Hardball":

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Welcome back to "Hardball." First up it's "Saturday Night Live!" Do you know who you're Vice President is? Well the team at "SNL" would have you think he is this.

(Clip from "Saturday Night Live" mocking Joe Biden)

MATTHEWS: Well that's what you call lampoon!

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