Saturday Night Comedy Video Open Thread

UPDATE: We're getting some of the best submissions we've seen since we began this segment months ago. Do yourself a favor and venture below the fold. You won't regret it!

Tonight's Comedy Video Open Thread will again feature your recommendations. Readers are encouraged to submit suggestions to Noel and Warner via PM or EM (,

Our first submission isn't a comedy video, but given the events of the week, NBer AnotherFedUpOne rightly thought we all needed some uplifting...and this certainly did it for me:

Phone lines are open.

I'm not looking to turn this into an "American Idol" evening, however, this young woman from Cincinnati, Ohio, got into my heart Wednesday night:

NBer upcountrywater offers us an updated version of the Beatles' fabulous tune "Tax Man":

NBer Blazer offered this:

The offerings are coming fast and furious tonight, folks. This was submitted by mizflame98:

Blazer has offered us another video, this one from the folks at Funny or Die. As soon as I saw the title, and heard the U2 intro, I knew this was going to be absolutely delicious...and brilliant:

We are DEFINITELY having some fun tonight, folks, for NBer stratman has just submitted a video from a group called the Cactus Cuties that I guarantee is going to bring a smile to every NBer's face:

Wow! The hits keep coming, this one also from stratman. Before you watch, consider that this operatic piece has 40 million hits at YouTube. 40 million! And I guarantee you'll be crying like the people in the audience and the judges:

As an editorial follow-up to stratman's Cactus Cuties submission, I wanted to demonstrate just how good these girls are. For years, I thought the best a cappella version of our national anthem was performed by Huey Lewis and the News who I, as a Bay Area resident, had the pleasure of seeing live on multiple occasions including once when they sat behind me at an A's playoff game.

Sorry, boys, you don't hold a candle to the Cactus Cuties:

This was from just before the election, but it is a great one. (Thanks mizflame98)

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